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The cultural diversity of our people, in arts, music, theater, dance, architecture, cuisine and folklore, is one of our greatest national assets, as it reveals our identity and keeps alive the memory and the link with the different groups that form the Brazilian society.

To make the material and immaterial cultural heritage known and enjoyed by present generations and a legacy for future generations, various nonprofit organizations are dedicated to the development of projects aimed at their protection, restoration and diffusion, either with private or government support.

Szazi Bechara Storto advises cultural entities in the structuring and legal adequacy of their projects to the demands of the laws granting tax incentives to donors, the contractual relationship with partners and supporters, and accountability.

We also have a sound experience in advising companies interested in sponsoring or donating funds to cultural projects, helping them to understand the formalities that must be fulfilled both by the donor or sponsor and by the proponent of the project to allow a safe and law-abiding use of tax incentives.