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Society needs economic and social development in the same way it needs the conservation of natural resources and the maintenance of environmental balance. It makes sustainability an ethical and legal imperative, not only for the business sector, but also for the public and nonprofit sectors, and even for society as a whole.

Achieving sustainability demands that all projects, works and activities must be designed with the lowest environmental impact possible, without compromising the availability of natural resources and the resilience of the environment, in order to allow future generations to enjoy the same environmental quality enjoyed by the current one.

Szazi Bechara Storto helps its clients in knowing the principles of sustainability and in their inclusion in corporate practices, as well as in the compliance with applicable law (such as, e.g., environmental licensing, reverse logistics and recovery of degraded areas), in the solution of environmental conflicts and also in the development of voluntary initiatives, such as carbon credits and support to environmental research and educational projects, forest restoration, environmental certification and social mobilization.