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The increasing demand for better services requires a constant focus on cost-effective ways to manage and grow healthcare businesses, a challenge in our country, where the Constitution guarantees free healthcare to all citizens and the market, traditionally relying on philanthropic hospitals, now sees the admission of companies heavily financed by equity funds.

We understand these market demands and assist healthcare providers to create business and legal value in all types of situations - transactional, regulatory and litigation. We tailor our services to specific segments of the healthcare industry, including hospitals and long term care and senior services, as well as physicians and patients, both at the courts and out of them.

We represent our clients in negotiations and disputes involving healthcare plan coverage, and also advise them in matters such as tax exemptions and incentives, hospital’s restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and in contracts with suppliers, research institutes and personnel.

Sometimes, navigating the regulatory frameworks and managing litigation-related situations are very challenging for healthcare managers. We are here to help.