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Foundations and Non-profit Organizations

Szazi Bechara Storto advises important nonprofit organizations, which stand out by their private investment of human, physical and financial resources to confront important issues such as environmental protection, promotion of democratic entitlements and welfare, in Brazil and abroad. Foundations and other nonprofits require responsible and transparent management, able to ensure and demonstrate the application of their resources in the achievement of their social goals. The legal advice we provide to these entities is guided by the understanding of the organization as a whole and aims to structure and improve the governance and functioning of the organization as well as its relations with employees, beneficiaries, customers, suppliers, public agencies and investors.

In our role, we provide services in different areas of Law, from corporate governance to preventive advice in labor, tax, civil and administrative matters, also including legal representation at Court for the defense of our client’s interests.

Our firm is reference in providing specialized legal services to civil society organizations in Brazil and Latin America. Our professionals are deeply involved in preparing technical and academic contents for the improvement of the regulatory framework of civil society in our country in order to ensure freedom of initiative of the private sector in all areas of public interest.

We believe that a favorable regulatory environment for nonprofits contributes to the consolidation of democracy, to the reduction of inequalities and to the building of a more sustainable and just world. We work hard for it.