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Children and Elderly

The beginning and end of life deserve special attention and pose challenges that led to the enactment of special laws in Brazil. Although comprehensive, the rights provided for in the Statutes of the Child and Elderly are not yet full reality in Brazil, because they require massive investments and cultural changes. But they also demand legal protection and their defense at Court.

The Szazi Bechara and Storto lawyers know the particulars of the rights of children, adolescents and the elderly, including in the area of disabilities, and have experience in advising schools, children’s and senior’s homes, hospitals, foundations and other civil society organizations dedicated to the protection of such rights. We have deep experience in acting at family courts on issues involving adoption, abuse and loss of parental rights, as well as procedures for registration with governmental councils and in advising for apprenticeship and vocational training programs for adolescents. We are prepared to meet the demands and queries relating to such public accurately and efficiently.

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