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Corporate Social Responsibility

One may define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a voluntary corporate conduct aimed at assessing and taking responsibility for the company's impacts on the environment and on social welfare. As such, the conduct goes beyond legal requirements, trading the short-term financial benefit of irresponsible practices for a positive social and environmental change in the future.

Whenever business leaders talk about sustainability or private social investments, they are talking about aspects of CSR. Whenever companies use their power in the community and in the national economy to build a better future for everyone, they are practicing CSR. However, if they feign interest in corporate responsibility or adopt fake conducts, they are engaged in "greenwashing".

We know the differences and we are prepared to help your company to trail the correct path. We have in-depth knowledge and a sound reputation in advising leading companies in matters related to CSR, including governance & compliance policies, interaction with communities and traditional people, incorporation of corporate foundations and institutes, tax incentives to donors and participation in public policies councils.

We know the challenges posed to CSR practices in agriculture, metals & mining, wholesale & retail, paper, chemistry, manufacturing, car making, textiles, food & beverages, energy, banking, health services, construction & services, media and real estate development. We are here to help.