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International Law

The 20th century has witnessed a steady growth of importance of international law, moreover after the end of World War II, the creation of the UN system and the tremendous expansion of treaties ranging from civil and political rights, economic and social rights to the protection of the environment, just to quote a few. These treaties were followed by the creation of public and private institutions dedicated to promoting, monitoring, and enforcing these new laws and demanding accountability for their violation by states and non-state actors alike.

Peacefully placed somewhere in the south Atlantic, far from the central economies and struggling with its own social challenges, Brazil, and Brazilians alike, were not concerned with international law. Most people still believe that international law concerns to diplomats and scholars, only. They think so because they are not aware on how international law affects their daily lives. Nowadays, when our country aims at having a stronger voice in the world and our people are more concerned about global agendas, it is time to bring international law to the daily discussions in civil society organizations and court litigation in Brazil.

Our law firm is glad of being involved in studying and fostering the participation of individuals and civil society organizations in the international arena. We are also happy in having helped Brazil during the negotiations that led to the approval of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006, a landmark in the Brazilian law, since its approval by Congress special majority gave it constitutional status in our country.

International law is part of our firm’s daily activities. Whenever appropriate, we bring it to the discussion with our clients, addressing it in negotiations, contracts, memorandums and court petitions. Our civil society and its organizations must embrace international law and make it part of their understanding, and practice, of Law. We are here to help.