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Governance & Corporate Compliance

When Federal Law 12.846 will come into effect on February 2014, both national and foreign civil society organizations and companies operating in Brazil will need to have in place effective systems of prevention of corruption and any other form of acts against public administration. This new legal demand, together with the recent rules demanding disclosure of information about public funding and the existing rules of accountability towards state agencies and district attorney’s offices, require a special attention of companies and civil society organizations to the set of acts and principles that is commonly known as corporate compliance.

Beyond these mandatory rules, our times demand the existence of policies in certain areas, such as unfair treatment and harassment in workplace, donor’s data protection, money laundering, transparency, and good governance. Within this context, and with an extensive experience in the field, our Governance & Compliance Practice is prepared to help civil society organizations and companies in dealing with this challenging times by providing value-added specialized advising on designing and implementing reliable and effective systems for regulatory compliance and governante.