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Public Law

We act for civil society organizations offering advice on all types of public contracts, ranging from partnership agreements involving public interest projects, to public procurement (public works, services, supplies) and public-private partnerships (PPP). We advise on all types of reports, accountability and disputes, whether occurring before the contract enters into force (challenge of tender procedures) or relating to the performance of the contract and approval of the reports by the State agencies and administrative tribunals. Our firm helps its clients in preparing and submitting projects to obtain resources from specialized public funds or private donors (with tax incentives), working closely with our clients to develop the most effective procedures for disbursement of public funds, often offering training in this área.

Beyond the contractual relationship with the State, our team is specialized in all procedures associated to governmental qualifications, certificates and registrations involving civil society organizations, such as OSCIP, CEBAS, federal authorization for operation of foreign entities, and declaration of public utility in all government levels.