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Third Sector

Sustainable development cannot exist without human development, and believing that every individual or organization has responsibility towards others, our firm specializes in advising families and businesses interested in investing time and resources in projects of public interest.

Contemporary society does not see the company only as a generator of jobs and taxes with profits appropriated privately by its partners. The challenges of transparency, accountability and respect for the environment and consumers, for example, require that companies, whether big or small, are prepared to contribute to the development of society.

We have deep and proven experience in corporate social responsibility and nonprofit organizations, not only providing legal and strategic advice for all your needs, as well as actively participating in improving its legislation, collaborating with the government at the federal, state and local levels.

We offer advice on the incorporation of nonprofits ; operating permits for foreign entities; governmental titles and registration; tax incentives for donors ; cultural projects ; tax exemptions; volunteering; contracts with the State and legal reform (advocacy).